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A Chance to Support the ‘Community’ in CSA

As you may have heard, the stormy weather of this past weekend inflicted heavy damage on numerous Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms in the Minnesota-western Wisconsin region. The timing of the hail and heavy winds couldn’t have been worse—in many cases entire plantings were wiped out in a matter of minutes, decimating months of preparation…  Read More

During Uncertain Times, Joining a CSA Farm Makes More Sense Than Ever

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — During these uncertain times brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, buying a share in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm makes more sense than ever, according to the Land Stewardship Project (LSP). LSP’s 2020 edition of the Twin Cities, Minnesota & Western Wisconsin Region Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Directory ( lists over…  Read More

2019 CSA Farm Directory for Twin Cities Region Now Available

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Now that spring has finally arrived, it brings with it a reminder that this region is home to dozens of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farms that provide regular deliveries of produce and other locally raised food throughout the growing season. The Land Stewardship Project’s 2019 Twin Cities, Minnesota and Western Wisconsin Region…  Read More

2018 CSA Farm Directory Now Available

Over 60 Twin Cities-Minnesota Region Farms Offering Shares in 2018 MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.—It’s been a long winter, but another Community Supported Agriculture season is just around the corner, giving eaters a chance to forge partnerships with some of the most innovative farmers in the region while enjoying fresh, sustainably-produced food. The 2018 Edition of the Twin…  Read More

Making Our Farm & Food System Accountable

There is no doubt a wide and abundant array of food is available in this country, but at what price? There is a lot of talk about our industrial system’s ability to make food like Big Macs and Big Gulps as cheap as possible. Nutritious, affordable food for all is critical. The problem is, all…  Read More

The Cropping Systems Calculator’s Real World Roots

During my first meeting on a farm that was testing the Cropping Systems Calculator tool, there was plenty of skepticism about how this differed from the numerous other budget tools already available to farmers. This particular resource has been developed by the Land Stewardship Project through the Chippewa 10% Project initiative. Its purpose is to…  Read More

Seeley: We Need Strategies to ‘Weather’ the Storm

Over 80 people came out to the Starbuck Community Center in western Minnesota on a balmy March evening to hear presentations from University of Minnesota meteorologist and climatologist Mark Seeley as well as staff and farmer-members of Land Stewardship Project’s Community Based Food Systems and Farm Beginnings programs. The focus of the event was climate…  Read More

Land Line: Lost Horizon, Nitro Overload, Drugs & Bugs, Meatpacker Compensation, Food System Control, Giving Back Through CSA, Farms & Groceries

Feb. 28: An LSP Round-up of News Covering Land, People & Communities New Evidence Shows Fertile Soil Gone From Midwestern Farms (2/24/21) National Public Radio reports on a new study showing the most fertile topsoil is entirely gone from a third of all the land devoted to growing crops across the upper Midwest. Highlights: The…  Read More

Fulfilling a Social Contract

A Viral Carrot Sale During a Pandemic Reveals Local Food’s Potential…& Limits In mid-March, when it was becoming clear the COVID-19 pandemic was going to change the way food is procured in the U.S. and beyond, the owners of Open Hands Farm placed five bags of carrots and a money box in their driveway. Farm…  Read More

Public-Private Prairie Partnership

A BioBlitz Highlights the Role Livestock Farmers Can Play in Habitat Improvement It’s the kind of overcast day in June that leaves one wondering if the sun decided to take an extended summer holiday. But as heavy thunderstorms threaten this part of Big Stone County in western Minnesota, some 130-people break up into teams and…  Read More