Racial Justice

The Land Stewardship Project believes that we can't have a healthy food and agricultural system in this nation without creating opportunities for all. Part of the Land Stewardship Project's mission is building healthy rural communities.

We believe in social justice for everyone—and that means even the newest members of our rural communities. And to attain a just society, we also need to explicitly talk about racial justice and racial equity. That certainly means helping long-established, conservation-minded, small- and mid-sized farms to survive and flourish. It means helping young farmers find land to rent or purchase. It means taking on the corporate powers that put profits ahead of the care of the land and the well-being of ordinary people. It also means ensuring that immigrant farmers and farmers of color have access to the same farming opportunities as white farmers, and that people of color and low-income people have access to fresh, local, healthy food.

New! Rural Voices for Racial Justice Videos

LSP has launched a new video series, "Rural Voices for Racial Justice," that features LSP members across the Upper Midwest who are amplifying their voices for racial justice in the food and farming system. Check them out:

  • Abigail Hindson reminds us that we need to move beyond fear and white silence to stand up for the common good.
  • Dayna Burtness talks about how structural racism is real and that we need to pull together and have a sense of urgency around implementing solutions together.
  • Ben Doherty reminds us that when we talk about working to make things better for future generations, we should be working to do that for everybody's kids and grandkids.
  • Eva Barr says, “If we’re committed to diversifying our fields in the interest of building our soil, we need to be committed to diversifying our society on the landscape to save our planet.”