Action Alerts

Welcome to the Land Stewardship Project Action Alerts page. The Land Stewardship Project periodically sends out Action Alerts that describe how citizens can make their voices heard on critical issues related to family farming, the environment and our rural communities.

Keep Local Control Strong. Oppose House File 330

Since the legislative session began Land Stewardship Project has been fighting a corporate backed effort to weaken the local control our Minnesota communities need to be strong. The bill will be on the House Floor at the State Capitol on Thursday at 3:30 p.m. and we need you to take action now. House File 330…  Read More

Stand Up for an Affordable Public Insurance Option on Feb. 14

Even if you are not in the crosshairs of the healthcare crisis yourself, you have surely heard the stories. Premiums have doubled for some Minnesotans, and high deductibles have many of us deciding not to go to the doctor — if our doctors are even covered by narrow-network insurance plans. Governor Mark Dayton has proposed…  Read More

Don’t Let Corporate Interests Weaken Local Control in Minnesota

Oppose House File 330 & Senate File 201, Which Weaken Local Democracy Corporate interests are pushing bills to weaken the rights of cities and townships in Minnesota to effectively respond to unwanted and potentially harmful developments. This in turn weakens our ability as citizens to work through our local governments to protect our communities. Minnesotans…  Read More

Tell MPCA Commissioner to Get Environmental Review Right on Factory Hog Farm

Incredibly, MPCA Environmental Review Missed Neighbors’ Homes & Wells Land Stewardship Project members in Zumbrota Township in southeastern Minnesota’s Goodhue County are facing the possibility of having a proposed 4,700-hog factory farm and 3.7-million-gallon liquid manure pit in their community. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is charged with doing an accurate and thorough environmental…  Read More

Stand Up for Standing Rock & Call the White House Today

Now is a critical time for we at the Land Stewardship Project to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux, who are resisting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We need to take action with them in their fight and end the construction of this pipeline. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the governor…  Read More

Stand Up for Rural Communities: Say NO to the Dakota Access Pipeline & Extreme Energy Extraction on Sept. 22

On Thursday, Sept. 22, Land Stewardship Project members will be traveling to Boone County, Iowa, to stand with our allies, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI), against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Can you join us? Energy Transfer Partners is trying to force through a massive (half-million barrels of oil a day) pipeline from the Bakken…  Read More

Act Now to Ensure Environmental Review of R.D. Offutt’s ‘Pines to Potatoes’ Expansion

In December, members of the Land Stewardship Project and Toxic Taters filed a citizens’ petition for environmental review of R.D. Offutt’s major expansion plans in northern Minnesota. R.D. Offutt is the nation’s largest potato producer. This expansion would use more than 166 million gallons of water per year, just as concerns over the unsustainable depletion…  Read More