2019 Food Justice Summit—From the Ground Up: Unearthing Root Causes

  • Duluth Entertainment Convention Center, 350 Harbor Dr., Duluth, MN 55802
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  • RSVP to James, 651-214-2498, james@stagetimeproductions.com

The Summit will build upon food access work in Minnesota by bringing champions of food justice together while also reaching into new sectors to broaden the scope and impact of food systems work. An emphasis will be placed on highlighting BIPOC/farming communities and the connection to restoring healthy food systems.

Attendance will include representation from the following sectors/communities:

  • Public Health and Health Care — chronic disease prevention (including public and private associations and institutions.
  • Agriculture — urban/rural farmers and farm laborers, agriculture policy and union leaders.
  • Retailers — food enterprises, entrepreneurs, farmers markets, grocery stores, food co-operatives.
  • Hunger Relief - food banks, food shelves, emergency food assistance, nonprofit organizations.
  • Food Justice — community organizers and activists, grassroots organizations, youth-led enterprises.
  • Local, State, and Federal Government — elected officials, city and county planners, public health, human services, agricultural departments, etc.
  • Indigenous and Tribal Communities
  • And More!

Long-Term Goal: To bring together people working to advance healthy food access to learn from each other’s lived experiences and stories, build connections across sectors, cultural perspectives, and geography to build alignment and momentum toward collaborative action.