Farm Beginnings Program

The Farm Beginnings® Program works to get more successful farmers on the land and organize for a system in which family farmers can flourish.

Family farmers are a force for change. They are caring for the land, strengthening rural communities, running viable farm businesses, and producing food and fiber for their communities.

Farm Beginnings provides wide range of trainings, including Farm Dreams, Farm Beginnings, and the Journeyperson Course. We are working to improve land access for family farmers through organizing to reform key policies. We facilitate a vibrant network of farmers throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin, who lead field days, skill shares, and lots of support to each other. We have developed a Farm Transition Toolkit and a clearinghouse that connects land owners and land seekers.

Farm Beginnings staff are located across Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Find staff contact information here.

We’ve got lots of field days, workshops, and classes coming up! Find a calendar here.

Whether you are dreaming of farming, in the process of establishing your own farm business, or have 10 years under your belt, Farm Beginnings is here to support you and your farm.

If you are an experienced farmer, community member, or lover of food and the land who wants to see more farmers on the land, you have a critical role to play in supporting beginning farmers. Farm Beginnings can help you figure out how to do it.