Sign the Petition Incentivizing 100% Soil Healthy Farming

Farmers are on the front lines of the climate crisis — battling extreme weather and changing seasons while also building soil health to sequester carbon and manage water. In developing the Land Stewardship Project's Soil Health and Climate Campaign, our members were clear: now is the time for landscape-scale transformation.

That's why we've crafted a comprehensive soil health bill, built by farmers from the ground-up, that incentivizes 100% Soil Healthy Farming in Minnesota through accessible, motivating grants and direct payments. We are aiming to achieve:

  • 50% of Minnesota farmers to implement soil-healthy practices by 2030
  • 100% of Minnesota farmers to implement soil-healthy practices by 2035
  • 100% of grazable and tillable acres implementing soil-healthy practices by 2040

By ensuring soil-healthy practices are profitable from day one through accessible and motivating grants and direct payments, Minnesota's countryside will be abundant with perennial pastures, perennial crops, cover crops, and untilled soil.

Now is the time to make our voices heard and to urge our state leaders to prioritize building resiliency and mitigating the climate crisis. Innovative farming that generates public goods requires public support — and this is all within reach.

Today, we are launching a petition to deliver to Governor Tim Walz, agency leaders, and Minnesota legislative leadership by early March. We need them to hear us loud and clear: now is the time for landscape-scale solutions.

We need you to add your name. When we come together, rooted in our values, we can make this a reality in the countryside.

Sign the Petition Today

Our mission to transform the farm and food system, as well as the greater economy, requires us to come together across our differences, engage in our institutions and elections, build our collective power, and assert the collective power we already have. The kind of agricultural system and democracy that takes shape is up to us. Let's make our transformational vision a reality together.

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