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Ear to the Ground 260: Soil Health’s Long View

Martin Larsen’s integration of small grains into his cropping operation is centered on building economic and ecological resiliency beyond the next growing season. For more information on soil health and to join LSP’s Soil Builders’ Network, click here. Ear Dirt Check out LSP’s ongoing Ear Dirt podcast series for conversations on cover cropping, no-till, managed rotational grazing,…  Read More

Agriculture, Insects, Ecology & Economics

An Entomologist Sees Farms as Part of the Solution to Biodiversity Loss It’s called the “windshield effect” — a harsh but effective way to gauge insect populations. The more dead bugs smashed on the front end of your F-150, the more live ones buzzing around in surrounding fields. Scientists, and anyone who drives for that…  Read More

Farm to School at the Legislature: Good News & Bad News

During the 2019 session of the Minnesota Legislature, the Land Stewardship Project has been working with a large stakeholder group to push for “Farm to School” provisions to be included in the final Agriculture Finance Bill. What we are asking for is a very clear prescriptive grant program to reimburse schools and early care centers…  Read More