Wildly Successful Farming Book Event in Deer Park, WI

  • Deer Park Public Library, 112 Front St. W., Deer Park, WI 54007
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  • RSVP to Brian DeVore, LSP, 612-722-6377, bdevore@landstewardshipproject.org

Brian DeVore of the Land Stewardship Project will discuss his new book, Wildly Successful Farming: Sustainability and the New Agricultural Land Ethic Imageon Tuesday, Feb. 19, beginning at 6:30 p.m., at the Deer Park Public Library in Deer Park, Wis.

Wildly Successful Farming tells the stories of farmers in Minnesota and across the Midwest who are balancing profitability and food production with environmental sustainability and a passion for all things wild. They are using innovative techniques and strategies to develop their “wildly” successful farms as working ecosystems.

DeVore will read from the book, sign copies and talk about what we can all do to support farming that integrates agriculture and ecology.

Other Reading Events this Winter & Spring

This is one in a series of Wildly Successful Farming events:

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Feb. 19: Reading at Deer Park Public Library, Deer Park, Wis.
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April 10: Reading at the Lingonberry, Decorah, Iowa
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