Journeyperson Course

Scaling Up Your Farm

The first decade of a new farm is full of challenge, sweat, growth, difficult lessons, satisfaction and joy. In order to get more successful farmers on the land, new farmers need to be able to establish their farms in a way that cultivates financial, ecological, personal and relationship sustainability.

The 2-year Journeyperson Course is designed to support people who have several years of managing their own farm under their belt, and are working to take their farm to the next level. Through advanced farm business planning, mentorship, guidance on balancing farm, family, and personal needs, and a matched savings account, participants will find ways to make their farms truly and deeply successful.


Journeyperson participants will:

• Participate in two weekend-long planning retreats, along with a one-day retreat, to receive meaningful training, while reflecting and strengthening your farm plan.

• Work one-on-one with a financial adviser to develop and monitor your annual financial plan and/or to receive advisement on specific, critical needs.

• Work one-on-one with an experienced farmer-mentor around a production focus of your choice to help push production skills forward.

• Develop peer-to-peer relationships with farmers enrolled in the course.