Meet Our Graduates


Farm Beginnings Profiles

Below are profiles of a few of the people that have graduated from the Farm Beginnings program over the years. Their stories illustrate how these people are using creativity, hard work and a passion for farming to get established on the land.

Hannah Bernhardt & Jason Misik: A Raw Deal on Farmland

Dan & Alysha Coffman: An Enigmatic Edge in Corn Country

Andrew & Margo Hanson-Pierre: A Land-Based Launching Pad

Ryan Heinen: The Grass Master's Apprentice

Anne & Peter Schwagerl: Running it Through the Mill

Keith & Anna Johnson: The Curve of Binding Energy

Andy Cotter & Irene Genelin: Wheeling into the Future

Paul & Sara Freid: A Decision-Making Community

Sara Morrison: No More Horsing Around

Derek & Carrie Redden: A Confederacy of Consultants

Luke & Liana Tessum: Micro Goals — Big Plans

Rich & Carol Radtke: Rising from the Ashes

The Return of the Middleman: Bayfield Regional Food Producers Cooperative

A to Z Produce & Bakery: The Incubator Acre

Mike & Linda Reil: Rolling with the Prairie Punches

Amy Haben & Tom Moore: Making a Farm a Working Asset

Lake Superior Farm Beginnings: Dealing with Demand in the North Woods

Jason & Juli Montgomery-Riess: Pacing the Path to Success

Bryan Crigler & Katelyn Foerster: Stacking Up the Advantages

John & Heidi Wise—Dairy Farming's Pit Bulls

Tyler Carlson—A Voice at the Other End of the Line

Anna Racer & Peter Skold—Answering Community’s Call

Kristianna Gehant & Nick Siddens—A Little Horse Sense

Greg & Nancy Rasmussen—The Best Laid Plans…

Alison & Jim Deutsch—On the Home Farm…At Last

Josh & Sally Reinitz—In the Land of Green Giants

Brad & Shelley Schrandt—Riding the Storm Out

Jon & Mindy Kaiser—Ready for the Next Step

Carol Ford & Chuck Waibel—The Door into Summer

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Comienzos granja Perfil: Carol Ford y Chuck Waibel—La Puerta en el Verano