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Your Action Needed Today: Partway There on Pausing Farm Foreclosures

Thanks to the hard work of the Land Stewardship Project’s members and supporters who have lobbied their legislators by phone and sent e-mails from across the state, the Minnesota Legislature has taken an important first step to protect small to medium-size farms. Farm foreclosures and mediation deadlines are on pause for 60 days. However, 60…  Read More

Action Needed (Again!) to Secure Full Funds for Forever Green

With just a few days left in the Minnesota legislative session, we need another push to ensure the state fully funds its investment in the Forever Green Initiative. Members of the Legacy Finance conference committee will begin to meet this week and need to hear from Minnesotans across the state. This is the first time…  Read More

Tell your State Representative to Protect Free Speech

The government of Minnesota belongs to the people of Minnesota — not outside corporate interests who want to write special laws for themselves at the expense of the rest of us. Right now, these outside corporate interests are attempting to weaken our free speech rights in a way that disproportionately targets Indigenous Minnesotans and other…  Read More

Tell Your Legislators to Strengthen, Not Weaken, Environmental Review

Land Stewardship Project members have been active at the Minnesota Capitol because we believe our public institutions and government at all levels belong to us. These institutions must do what is best in service to people and the land. The decisions being made right now will shape the future of our state, which is why…  Read More

Tell Policymakers it’s Time to Fully Invest in Forever Green

For the first time in Minnesota state legislative history, full funding for the Forever Green Initiative, —$10 million for the biennium—has been included in an omnibus finance bill. This is something to celebrate — it would not have been possible without the efforts of Land Stewardship Project members, our allies, and legislative champions. This year…  Read More

Tell Your State Senator to Stop the Healthcare Heist

UPDATE (5/2/19): So far, the Senate has decided to punt on this issue by extending the current moratorium on HMO conversions from July 2019 to July 2023, instead of passing strong protections for our public money this year. During debate on the Senate floor, Senator Michelle Benson referred to Senator John Marty’s provision to protect…  Read More

Demand Full Environmental Review for Mega-Dairy Operation Proposed in Winona County

UPDATE (11/1/18): On October 31, the Ramsey County District Court rejected the attempts by corporate ag to squelch public comment on an environmental review of the mega-dairy expansion proposal described below. District Court Judge Jennifer L. Frisch ruled yesterday against an injunction filed by several Minnesota corporate ag groups seeking to limit the public comment…  Read More

MPCA Needs to Hear from Us (Again!) on Full Environmental Review for Massive Factory Hog Farm

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is avoiding ordering an in-depth Environmental Impact Statement of the proposed Catalpa, LLC factory farm. The agency needs to hear from us (again)! State law requires that if a project has “the potential for significant environmental impacts,” then an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) must be completed. An EIS fully…  Read More

Call Today to Support the Conservation Stewardship Program

The Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) is under threat. This is an attack on our soil, our water and our work to build a healthier food and farming system for all. In their first draft of the 2018 Farm Bill, House Agriculture Committee leaders are talking about dramatic cuts to the program—or even eliminating it altogether.…  Read More

Speak Up for Healthcare that Puts People Before Profits

The Minnesota State Legislature has until midnight on Monday, May 22, to decide on a budget for Minnesota. As of today, no budgets have been passed. Things change by the hour, with important decisions happening behind closed doors, away from public input. The bottom line is that, without citizens in the room, who will be…  Read More