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Take Action to Protect Environmental Review from Corporate Interests

Imagine opening your local newspaper on a Monday morning and discovering that a 5,000-head factory hog farm or an 6,000-head mega-dairy is being proposed in your township — and the public comment period ends that very weekend! We deserve the right to have a voice when major decisions that could impact the health of our…  Read More

Quick Wits, Grit, Guns ‘N Roses

Lou Anne Kling’s Legacy of Saved Farms & Saved Lives One day several years ago, western Minnesota farmer Lou Anne Kling was helping a financially-distressed chicken producer who was at risk of losing his operation. This was sometime in the 1980s or 1990s, and Kling had already spent countless hours on the telephone, in the…  Read More

Act Now to Keep Rural Minnesota Strong & Family Farmers on the Land

Here are key policies the Land Stewardship Project has been working on at the Minnesota state Legislature this session, along with an action you can take: • Resources for farmers facing financial stress. Increased funding for Farm Advocates and Farmers’ Legal Action Group (FLAG) is needed. These groups stand up for farmers facing foreclosure and…  Read More

Act Now to Support a MinnesotaCare Option for all Minnesotans

Farmers and small businesses, people nearing retirement and parents wanting to stay home with kids — hundreds of Minnesotans have shared stories with the Land Stewardship Project about the need for affordable healthcare options that provide quality coverage. With news yesterday that federal changes to healthcare could knock 24 million Americans off health insurance, these…  Read More

Land Stewardship Project Picks Veteran Grassroots Organizer as New ED

Group Marks 40th Anniversary with New Leadership

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — As the Land Stewardship Project (LSP) launches its 40th year of “keeping the land and people together,” a veteran grassroots organizer has been selected as its new executive director, the organization’s board of directors announced today. When Mike McMahon takes over the helm at LSP on Jan. 18, he will also lead the…  Read More

100% Soil-Healthy Farming Bill Introduction & Hearing!

Exciting news! The Land Stewardship Project’s comprehensive soil health bill was introduced in the Minnesota House last week by Rep. Todd Lippert (DFL-Northfield), with a growing list of co-authors from across the state. The Senate bill is coming soon, and we need your help. Over 2,000 LSP members and supporters came together last summer and…  Read More

Act Now: Day One Demands for USDA Leaders

On the campaign trail, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris communicated clear priorities to address the needs of agriculture and rural communities, including: strengthening regional food systems and anti-trust enforcement, expanding conservation programs with a focus on soil health and carbon sequestration, increasing microloans for beginning farmers, and advancing racial justice and accountability…  Read More

Help Extend Farmer-Lender Mediation Today

The Land Stewardship Project is dedicated to fighting for a farm and food system rooted in environmental sustainability, democracy, and economic justice for rural communities. Part of our fight for economic justice in farming has been giving farms and farm families the time they need to financially recover from the effects of a farm economy…  Read More

UPDATE: Protect Southeastern MN from MN Sands’ Frac Sand Proposal

At its hearing on Sept. 9, members of the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB) made it clear that they are hearing an outpouring of concerns from southeastern Minnesotans about the frac sand industry’s attempt to pave a path for frac sand mining across the region (see previous LSP action alert), spurring the EQB to decide…  Read More

MN EQB Poised to Allow Frac Sand Mining Proposal in SE MN to Move Forward without EIS

Urgent action is needed to protect southeastern Minnesota from the harmful impacts of the major frac sand mining, processing, and transportation operation proposed by the company Minnesota Sands, LLC. In March 2013, thanks to organizing and pressure from the people of southeastern Minnesota, the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB) enforced the requirement of an Environmental…  Read More