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Olivia Blanchflower

Olivia started as LSP’s development director in November 2021 and works to cultivate relationships with potential donors, current donors, strategic partners, and others to ensure the success of the organization’s mission. Prior to joining LSP, she led and raised money for food systems programs in New York City for 13 years with the nonprofit GrowNYC.…  Read More

What Makes a Welcoming Community?

I became a member-leader of the Land Stewardship Project to help achieve justice for the people and the land. By identifying our self-interest, listening to our neighbors, and acting on our values, I also believe that we can become a welcoming community. Doug Nopar,who worked for many years as a rural LSP organizer, believes that…  Read More

Leadership Change: A Joint Statement from the Boards of LSP & LSAF

On Friday, Feb. 12, Jess Anna Glover resigned as the executive director of the Land Stewardship Project and the Land Stewardship Action Fund. The boards of these two organizations have accepted her resignation and have proposed to engage Jess Anna as a consultant to help the board and management team take over her responsibilities. The…  Read More

Our Mission

The Land Stewardship Project (LSP) is a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1982 to foster an ethic of stewardship for farmland, to promote sustainable agriculture, and to develop healthy communities. LSP is dedicated to creating transformational change in our food and farming system. LSP’s work has a broad and deep impact, from new farmer training…

Sign the Petition Incentivizing 100% Soil Healthy Farming

Farmers are on the front lines of the climate crisis — battling extreme weather and changing seasons while also building soil health to sequester carbon and manage water. In developing the Land Stewardship Project’s Soil Health and Climate Campaign, our members were clear: now is the time for landscape-scale transformation. That’s why we’ve crafted a…  Read More

We Stand Together Against Attacks on Our Democracy

This week in Washington, D.C., we faced multiple attacks on our democracy. Elected leaders sought to overturn the will and the votes of the people. White militants lead a violent insurrection against our government. And again, we witnessed that when white militants commit violence, police stand by. None of these attacks are acceptable and those…  Read More

Land Line: Hog Growth, Farm Income, Goodbye USDA, Organic Policy, Carbon & Crop Insurance, Sustainable Ag Award

Dec. 7: An LSP Round-up of News Covering Land, People & Communities More Hogs Coming to Northwest Iowa (11/30/20) Economists say exploding foreign pork demand will result in an industry-wide expansion in the Upper Midwest, from finisher barns to even new processing plants, reports the Storm Lake Times. Highlights: The industry is feeling upward pressure…  Read More

LSP Land Line: MnDOT & Spraying, Frac Sand, Rural COVID-19, Climate-Smart Ag

Oct. 9: An LSP Round-up of News Covering Land, People & Communities Minnesota Department of Transportation rethinks no-spray ditch program after yanking signs (10/9/20) The Minnesota Department of Transportation is reevaluating its decision to pull “Do Not Spray” signs without warning in southeastern Minnesota, according to the Star Tribune. Farmers, including LSP members, had complained…  Read More

Demand Justice at the MN Legislature During the Special Session

Part of the Land Stewardship Project’s mission is to develop healthy communities for everyone, no exceptions. Racist violence is a clear violation of our strongly held belief that every person has value that cannot be earned or taken away. At the core of LSP’s work is our drive to create a society based on sustainability.…  Read More