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Social Justice Report

The Land Stewardship Project envisions a food and farming system and thriving, healthy communities that work for everyone, no exceptions. Whether Black or white, immigrant or Indigenous, working class or middle class, queer or straight, man, woman, or non-binary, we all deserve dignified, productive, and creative lives. Racism, gender inequality, and economic injustice are major…  Read More

The Crop Insurance Conundrum

More Evidence that a Safety Net has Morphed into a Web of Destruction

When one sees the word “unambiguously” used in a carefully researched academic paper, it’s time to take notice. For example,  a recent Journal of Policy Modeling study reports results that are “…unambiguously suggestive of a crop insurance policy regime that is biased in the direction of increasing consolidation in crop farming….” That conclusion is based on…  Read More

Soil Health: Numbers vs. Knowing

Sometimes it takes a bit of an evangelist to remind us that praying at the altar of facts and figures can blind one to how they all connect in the bigger picture. In the case of production systems that build soil health, that preacher is Ray Archuleta. “The soil is naked, hungry, thirsty and running…  Read More