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New Analysis Describes How Crop Insurance Privatizes Profits for Corporations While Public Pays Exorbitant Costs

1st of 3 Land Stewardship Project Crop Insurance White Papers Released Today WABASSO, Minn. — The nation’s main federal agricultural program is passing billions of dollars of public money onto a handful of major corporations via a system that lacks accountability and transparency, according to a new white paper released today by the Land Stewardship…  Read More

Retraction Statement Regarding LSP Report ‘Breaking the Rules for Profit’ & AllEnergy

The Land Stewardship Project (LSP) report, “Breaking the Rules for Profit: An Analysis of the Frac Sand Industry’s Violations of State Regulations & Manipulation of Local Governments in Wisconsin,” posted on our website on Nov. 6, 2014, inadvertently contained errors regarding AllEnergy. These errors have been retracted in a revised version of the report, which…  Read More

LSP Statement on Passage of the Congressional Fiscal Cliff Deal

Extension of Farm Policy a Raw Deal — Backward Not Forward for Agriculture MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Farm policy takes a dramatic step backwards in the fiscal cliff deal brokered in Congress and soon to be signed into law by President Barack Obama. Rather than moving forward with much-needed financial and policy reform Congress and the…  Read More