Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse

Are you a beginning farmer looking to rent or purchase farmland in the Midwest? Or are you an established farmer/landowner in the Midwest who is seeking a beginning farmer to purchase or rent your land, or to work with in a partnership situation?

The Land Stewardship Project’s Farm Beginnings program has simple application forms available for people seeking farmland or farmers. (You can find the forms to the left).

Once the form is filled out, the information can be circulated by LSP via the Land Stewardship Letter, LIVE-WIRE and through our various networks. To obtain a form and for more information, e-mail LSP’s Karen Stettler at or call 507-523-3366.

Listings included on this web page will be removed after 90 days. If you would like the listing to be renewed after 90 days, please e-mail Brian DeVore at

Here are the latest Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse listings:

Farmland for Rent: Twin Cities Region

Ed Lysne has for rent 10 acres of farmland in Minnesota's Rice County (near Northfield). There are 5 tillable acres and 1 forested acre, and the land has not been sprayed in six growing seasons. There is a very large lawn with many trees, gardens, and shrubs, including rhubarb and coneflowers. Sugar maples are available to tap. There is a lot of natural space: prairie, forest, and wetland. It has supported a few pigs, chickens, hemp, and produce over the past five years — all organically grown. There is a house and a small garage; very good access to Internet, town, and the Twin Cities. The price range is $1,500; lease is somewhat negotiable. Contact: Ed Lysne, 612-790-7873, e-mail. (Added 8/4/21)

Vegetable Farm for Sale: Southwestern Minnesota

Steven Harder has for sale a 15-acre operation in southwestern Minnesota's Cottonwood County (near Mountain Lake). This land has been sustainably farmed with mixed vegetable production for 12 years using regenerative principals. No herbicides have been used; an integrated pest management system using only OMRI approved products was in place. Windbreaks surround the 15 acres and a restored tallgrass prairie provides pollinator habitat. This is a Minnesota Water Quality Certified farm. An in-ground irrigation system is connected to hydrants at many of the plots. Fruit and nut trees include: apple, American plum, chokecherry, and chestnuts. There are 500 hazelnut shrubs. An adjacent property includes a commercial building with a climate battery greenhouse and a 25,000 gallon cistern which is currently attached to the in-ground irrigation system. This property is being sold separately. It was used as a farm market with a wash area and large coolers for the harvests. It includes a 10,000 watt solar system. No housing is available. More information is available here. Contact: Steven Harder, 507-360-3294, e-mail. (Added 8/4/21)

Organic Farmland for Rent: Central Ohio

Maryann Burr has for rent 311 acres of certified organic farmland in central Ohio's Madison County (near London). The land has been certified organic for 12 years and corn, soybeans, and wheat have been raised on it. There are machinery storage sheds and grain bins. No housing is available. The lease is $300 an acre. Contact: Maryann Burr, 740-852-9289, e-mail. (Added 8/4/21)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: U.S.

Ashley Ross is seeking to purchase 5+ acres of farmland in the U.S. At least 2-4 tillable acres is preferred. Land in a quiet area with fencing, water, and a house is preferred. Ross is interested in regenerative agriculture, silvopasturing, multi-species rotation practices, market gardening, fruit production, and greenhouse production. Contact: Ashley Ross, 216-804-7531, e-mail. (Added 8/4/21)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Minnesota

Logan Clark is seeking to purchase 30+ acres of farmland in Minnesota. Land with 20+ pasture acres and 5 tillable acres, and that has not been sprayed for several years, is preferred. Land with a pack shed, loafing shed, fencing, water, and a house is preferred. Contact: Logan Clark, 507-251-1146, e-mail. (Added 8/2/21)

Seeking Dairy Farmer: Central Minnesota

Darrel Mosel is seeking someone to manage an 80-cow dairy herd in central Minnesota's Stearns County (near Holdingford). Candidate should express interest in regenerative agricultural practices and be motivated to graze cows on pasture. There are also approximately 60 laying pastured ducks and six geese on the farm. The farm property has a total of 160 farmable acres. Land was recently enrolled in the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) and was previously certified organic. There is plenty of possibilities to pursue personal farming endeavors on the property, with the potential to transition to ownership. Potential housing provided on-site; the annual pay is $50,000. Contact: Darrel Mosel, 507-381-3776, e-mail. (Added 7/27/21)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: U.S.

Braden McBride is seeking to purchase tillable farmland in the U.S. Contact: Braden McBride, 928-965-4870, e-mail. (Added 7/27/21)

Farmland for Sale: Southern Minnesota

Ben Mattson has for sale 80.25 acres of farmland in southern Minnesota's Rice County (near Kilkenny). The land consists of 41 tillable acres and 39 wooded acres. No house is available. The asking price is $549,900. Contact: Ben Mattson, 651-955-8400, e-mail. (Added 7/16/21)

Farmland for Rent: Southwestern Minnesota

Jason Wisniewski has for rent 910 acres of farmland near Ivanhoe in southwestern Minnesota. The land consists of 200 pasture acres and 710 tillable aces. Wisniewski is looking for a renter who will use regenerative practices and who understands the six principles of soil health. No house is available. Contact: Jason Wisniewski, e-mail. (Added 7/14/21)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa

Denah Zerr is seeking to purchase 10+ acres of farmland in Minnesota, South Dakota, or Iowa. Land with at least 1 tillable acre and 2+ forest acres is preferred. Land with a well, electricity, fences, a barn, and a house is preferred. Zerr has sheep, a few cattle, and horses. Contact: Denah Zerr, 507-690-8549, e-mail. (Added 7/12/21)

Seeking Farmer: Western Wisconsin

Buttermilk Falls CSA and Folk School is seeking someone to join its "Farmers' Circle." Buttermilk Falls is a program of Philadelphia Community Farm, and is located near Osceola in western Wisconsin. The 68-acre farmstead has been actively farmed using biodynamic methods and principles in some degree for over 30 years. It is in a three-year transition to no-till and its intergenerational residential community includes one older adult with special needs. The farming operation consists of a 4-acre CSA and market garden, along with flowers, cows, and chickens. The farmer will get experience with various aspects of the operation, including beekeeping, mushroom cultivation, maple sugaring, greenhouse production, field work, record keeping, and marketing. Housing is available and pay is needs-based. This position could be for experienced farmers or apprentices. Contact: Christina Beck, e-mail. (Added 7/12/21)

Seeking Farm Work Experience: Twin Cities Region

Erin Anderson is seeking farm work experience in the Twin Cities, Minn., region. Anderson lived for two years on a CSA operation and helped out irregularly as a volunteer, as well as grew produce on a small plot of land. Anderson has experience with chickens and milking dairy goats and is currently doing a workshare program consisting of 10 shifts at the Women's Environmental Institute, an organic CSA farm; limited experience with cheese-making and cleaning milking equipment; would like to gain more experience with on-farm milk/cheese processing and marketing. Anderson would like to do labor in exchange for housing and, even more ideally, housing and wages; can work between 10-20 hours per week providing labor. Contact: Erin Anderson, e-mail, 952-465-2200. (Added 7/12/21)

Orchard for Sale: Northeastern Iowa

Diane Depken has for sale a 5-acre orchard in northeastern Iowa's Black Hawk County (near La Porte City). The land has not been sprayed for several years. When purchased in 2012, there were over 500 apple tress and 60+ different varieties that were mostly planted in the late 1970s for a conventional orchard operation. It also came with 100 mature blueberry bushes, ¼ acre of asparagus, an apple shed with apple washer, and processing equipment and remnant ribs from two high tunnels. Every year, the goal was to improve the soil, remove apple varieties that would not work well in organic settings, and diversify the edible plants. Depken added over 20 hardy tart cherries from the Romance series out of Canada, hard grapes, hardy kiwi, goji, as well as understory currants, gooseberries, honeyberries etc. There is a 1920s-era farmhouse with with newer foundation and many improvements.There is a semi-finished basement with grow area. Contact: Diane Depken, 319-504-3939, e-mail. (Added 7/6/21)

Seeking Farmer: Twin Cities Region

Margaret and Andrew Hanson-Pierre of Clover Bee farm are seeking a farmer for a work-trade-for-rented-land situation in Minnesota's Chisago County, near the Twin Cities. Clover Bee is a small certified organic CSA and market farm. The renter would work 16-20 hours in exchange for 1/3 acre (2 field plots) and limited use of tools. The beginning farmer would begin in the 2022 growing season. Limited housing is available; could discuss this in further detail. Contact: Margaret and Andrew Hanson-Pierre, e-mail, 952-261-3312. (Added 7/6/21)

Seeking Farm Work Experience: Minnesota

Andrea Purcell is seeking farm work experience in Minnesota. Purcell wants to get experience with small-scale farming, particularly systems related to chickens and dairy goats. Purcell is also interested in learning more about business planning and is willing to work around the schedule of the farmer. Contact: Andrea Purcell,, 507-581-9995. (Added 7/2/21)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: U.S.

Steven Micah Fuller is seeking to purchase farmland in the U.S. — Minnesota is preferred. Land with a house and running water is preferred. Contact: Steven Micah Fuller, 612-432-6640, e-mail. (Added 6/30/21)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota

Bill Rempe is seeking to purchase farmland in Iowa, Wisconsin, or South Dakota (preferably in southern or western Wisconsin). Rempe has the goal of giving a young farmer the opportunity to work the land using organic methods. A clean, livable house is required; amount of land is not that important. Contact: Bill Rempe, 623-217-8550, e-mail. (Added 6/29/21)

Seeking Farm Work Experience: Western Wisconsin, Eastern Minnesota

Lauren Johnson is seeking farm work experience within 20 miles of Hudson, Wis. Johnson has 6+ years of gardening and homestead production experience, which includes experience with fruit, vegetable, and flower production from seed, using small farm machinery and power tools, installing drip irrigation, using organic farming methods, raising poultry and sheep, composting, and fertilizing. Johnson has 1.5 years of college education with an emphasis on business, horticulture, and sustainable farming; also some carpentry and fence installation experience. Johnson would like to be an apprentice and learn all of the aspects of running and managing a smaller scale farm or greenhouse. Experience with vegetable, fruit, or flower production preferred, but open to livestock farming or tree farming. Contact: Lauren Johnson, e-mail, 715-781-0317. (Added 6/29/21)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Western Wisconsin

Lauren Johnson is seeking to purchase 3-20 acres of farmland in western Wisconsin (would also consider eastern Minnesota). Land with 1+ acres of pasture and 1+ acres of forest, and that has not been sprayed for several years, is preferred. A house, barn, or shop is preferred, but not necessary. If no house, land must be buildable. Water and fencing would be a plus. Johnson is open to renting-to-own with a large down payment. Contact: Lauren Johnson, 715-781-0317, e-mail. (Added 6/9/21)

Pasture for Rent: Northwestern Missouri

Aaron Singleton has for rent 10+ acres of pastureland in northwestern Missouri's Ray County. Contact: Aaron Singleton, 816-213-2887, e-mail. (Added 6/9/21)

Seeking Farmland: Southeastern Minnesota

Dusty Hinz and his crew seek land for a large nut tree agroforestry planting, organic vegetable seed production, sheep grazing, and homesteading. A house or some farm infrastructure are desirable but land with nothing on it is also great. Primarily they are looking in the Driftless Region in southeastern Minnesota, ideally not much more than two hours from Minneapolis, but they are open to all options. Ideally the land would consist of at least 60 acres, and could be much more. Mostly open pasture/tillable is preferred, with some woods. They have financing lined up. Contact: Dusty Hinz, 612-834-7502. (Added 6/9/21)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: U.S.

Tena Lucille Madison is seeking to purchase up to 100 acres of farmland in the U.S. Land with 10 pasture acres, 40 tillable acres, and 40 forest acres is preferred. Land that has not been sprayed for several years and that has water and a pole barn is preferred. Contact: Tena Lucille Madison, 608-345-5737, e-mail. (Added 6/8/21)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Western Wisconsin

Sam Harrison is seeking to purchase 5-40 acres of farmland in western Wisconsin (near Eau Claire). Ideally, Harrison would like land that has a mix of tillable and wooded acres, but is flexible. No house is required. Contact: 715-889-4822, e-mail. (Added 6/2/21)