Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse

Are you a beginning farmer looking to rent or purchase farmland in the Midwest? Or are you an established farmer/landowner in the Midwest who is seeking a beginning farmer to purchase or rent your land, or to work with in a partnership situation?

The Land Stewardship Project’s Farm Beginnings program has simple application forms available for people seeking farmland or farmers. (You can find the forms to the left).

Once the form is filled out, the information can be circulated by LSP via the Land Stewardship Letter, LIVE-WIRE and through our various networks. To obtain a form and for more information, e-mail LSP’s Karen Stettler at or call 507-523-3366.

Listings included on this web page will be removed after 90 days. If you would like the listing to be renewed after 90 days, please e-mail Brian DeVore at

Here are the latest Seeking Farmers-Seeking Land Clearinghouse listings:

Seeking Farmland to Purchase: Michigan

Scout Black is seeking to purchase farmland in Michigan. Land with pasture is preferred; no house is required. Contact: Scout Black, 989-525-4508, e-mail. (Added 1/24/20)

Seeking Farmland to Rent: Michigan

Mike Russcher is seeking to rent 200-300 acres of tillable farmland in Michigan. No house is required. Contact: Mike Russcher, 616-437-4720, e-mail. (Added 1/24/20)

Seeking Farmland to Rent: Twin Cities Region

Molly Gaeckle is seeking to rent .5-1 acre of farmland in the Twin Cities, Minn., region. Gaeckle is looking for more growing space to expand a flower operation and will need access to water and be able to put up semi-permanent high tunnel structures on the property. Access to a shed or barn would be ideal. Contact: Molly Gaeckle, 605-366-1691, e-mail. (Added 1/17/20)

Seeking Farmer: Western Wisconsin

Christina and Carter Beck are seeking a farmer to join their CSA operation in western Wisconsin's Polk County (near Osceola). Established in 1989 as a nonprofit, the 68 acres of land has been actively farmed using biodynamic methods. This is an intergenerational residential community, based on the Camphill model. A greenhouse and hoop houses are on site. There is a 70-member CSA vegetable operation serving the Twin Cities and St. Croix River Valley, and the farm also grows flowers, as well as cultivates maple syrup, honey, mushrooms, and a small orchard. There is a small herd of sheep, cows, a donkey, and a horse, along, with chickens. There is a full time farmer on-site to serve as a mentor. Position would involve planning and overseeing the CSA operation and managing a local farmers' market garden, leading intern training and school groups, tractor and field work, conducting harvest and doing greenhouse and record keeping work. Folk school offerings are ongoing. LGBTQ and BIPOC folks strongly encouraged and supported to apply. Housing is available and pay includes stipend, share of revenue. Contact: Christina and Carter Beck, 715-294-4048, e-mail. (Added 1/13/20)

Seeking Farmer: Central Minnesota

Camphill Village Minnesota is seeking a farmer to join a 525-acre biodynamic farm in central Minnesota's Stearns County (near Sauk Centre). The farm is home to a small cow-calf operation, a few dairy cows, chickens, a 2-acre vegetable garden, and about 45 people. The farm's community lives family-style in large homes and includes adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, live-in volunteers from around the world, and their families. Community members work together on the land and in the farm's food processing kitchen, bakery, weavery, woodshop, and arts space. The operation is seeking a farmer who would like to farm with people and be part of a striving community. Benefits include free housing, daily farm-fresh meals, student debt payments, medical insurance and support, access to insured vehicles and gas, three weeks paid vacation, and a monthly stipend. Contact: Lindsey Flicker, 320-732-6365, e-mail. (Added 1/13/20)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Minnesota

Alisa Hoven is seeking to purchase 80 acres of farmland in Minnesota (ideally within 90 miles of Minneapolis). Land with 20 pasture acres, 20 tillable acres, and 20 forest acres is preferred. Land that has not been sprayed for several years is preferred. A well with high-capacity and a septic system is preferred. The land must be close to a natural water source; a house and outbuildings are ideal, but not required. Contact: Alisa Hoven, 763-218-3241, e-mail. (Added 1/11/20)

Organic Farmland for Rent: North-Central Wisconsin

Bradley Zettler has for rent 200 acres of certified organic farmland in north-central Wisconsin's Marathon County. Currently, all the land is in hay; 160 acres is all adjoining; the pasture has fencing around it and there is a 1,000-foot improved cow lane. There is a 40 x 80 pole barn, 36 x 110 barn with a 17 x 60 addition and a 20 x 53 addition, as well as a cemented yard and a 100-foot feed strip. No house is available. Zettler would consider renting smaller parcels. Another 40 acres and another barn may also be available. Contact: 715-965-3440, e-mail. (Added 1/11/20)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Minn., Wis., Neb., Ill., Mich.

Isaiah Mack is seeking to purchase up to 50 acres of tillable farmland in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois, or Illinois. No house is required. Contact: Isaiah Mack, 952-693-1975, e-mail. (Added 1/11/20)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Minnesota, Wisconsin

Jeremy Bundgard is seeking to purchase 10-100 acres of tillable farmland in Minnesota or Wisconsin. A house is required; outbuildings would be preferred. Contact: Jeremy Bundgard, 651-707-5389, e-mail. (Added 1/11/20)

Farmland for Rent: North-Central Minnesota

Kent Scheer has for rent 3-plus acres of farmland near Wadena in north-central Minnesota. Scheer is interested in beginning a conversation with a creative person who has back-to-the-land aspirations and/or a desire to raise a small, high-value specialty crop. There is a need to be innovative and motivated since the property is well removed from the metro. There is potential for a tiny house site and for sharing in harvests of apples, fruit, and medicinal herbs, as well as starting new woods-grown plantings. Artistic or craftsman skills, interests in pine forestry, community-building, medicinal herbs, co-housing would be a plus. There would be no rental fee. Contact: Kent Scheer, 218-631-3084, e-mail. (Added 1/11/20)

Seeking Farm Work Experience

Ashley Eickelberg of Waterloo, Iowa, is seeking farm work experience on a wholesale vegetable operation. Eickelberg has been growing for three years and selling vegetables to the local community. Eickelberg would like to start a shipping container farm. Contact: Ashley Eickelberg, 319-464-8485, e-mail. (Added 1/11/20)

Seeking Farm Work Experience

Dylan Allen of Jackson, Mich., is seeking farm work experience on a wholesale vegetable operation. Allen worked on a farm for two seasons and grew up around animals and gardening. He would like to take over an existing farm or start something new. Contact: Dylan Allen, e-mail, 989-413-5710. (Added 1/11/20)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Illinois

Daniel Johnson is seeking to purchase tillable farmland in Illinois. Land that has not been sprayed for several years is preferred. No house is required. Contact: Daniel Johnson, 815-271-1527, e-mail. (Added 1/11/20)

Land for Sale: Twin Cities Region

Diane Peterson has for sale a house surrounded by 26 years' worth of native plant gardens in White Bear Lake near Minnesota's Twin Cities. This is a one-third acre suburban lot with installations of native plants which support numerous native pollinator species. Peterson wants to find a buyer who will retain the land's wildlife habitat instead of returning the yard to a barren lawn. There is a double garage that has a work bench and cabinets. No pesticides or fertilizers have been applied for 26 years; there are five large shade trees. The asking price is $200,000. Contact: Diane Peterson, e-mail, 651-653-4385. (Added 1/11/20)

Seeking 3 Beginning Farmers: Southeastern Minnesota

Earth Wisdom Farm and Training Center has three beginning farmer opportunities available near Red Wing in southeastern Minnesota. The first two opportunities are on a farm site five miles south of Red Wing. One is to create your own farm enterprise and income as a shepherd/grazier for a variety of grazing animals on 30 acres of bluff pasture; this position may include free on-site housing, depending upon exchange negotiated. A second beginning farmer position is creating your own farm enterprise and income as a grower/gardener on a half-acre fenced garden plot. This position may also include free on-site housing, depending upon exchange negotiated. The third position is for a shepherd/grazier of 15 lambs on lush grass that lay between the fairways of the Gopher Hills Golf Course south of Miesville, Minn. There is free on-site housing, as well as part-time work as mower and food service worker at an on-site event center. See for more information. Contact: RedHeart, 952-250-8299. (Added 12/27/19)

Seeking Farmer: Central Nebraska

Kevin Fulton is seeking a farmer to assist in the operation of an 800-acre certified organic crop and livestock farm in central Nebraska's Sherman County. The operation includes beef cattle, sheep, corn, soybeans, hay, and cover crops. Fulton is seeking someone who can assist in all aspects of the operation, which includes grazing management, and there is an opportunity for starting your own farm enterprise. Housing is available and pay depends on amount of experience. Contact: Kevin Fulton, 308-390-4449, e-mail. (Added 12/27/19)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Minnesota

Mao Kue is seeking to purchase 5-10 acres of tillable farmland in Minnesota. Land that has not been sprayed for several years is preferred; no house is required. Contact: Mao Kue, 651-410-8539. (Added 1/11/20)

Seeking to Rent Farmland: Minnesota

Jason Pohlman is seeking to rent 200-500 acres of tillable farmland in Minnesota. No house or outbuildings are required. Contact: Jason Pohlman, 507-841-1281, e-mail. (Added 12/26/19)

Seeking Farmer: Southeastern Minnesota

Kelsey Fitzgerald is seeking a farmer for a fruit and vegetable CSA operation in southeastern Minnesota's Winona County. The operation is off-the-grid and there are .25 acres of built-up beds. The upcoming growing season will be the operation's second year of operation and Fitzgerald is hoping to start beekeeping. Fitzgerald is seeking a part-time farmhand to assist with planting, maintenance, harvesting, and potential delivery of CSA boxes, as well as potential projects of the farmhand's own choosing. Must be reliable, able to work in all environmental conditions, able to lift at least 50 pounds, and able to stand or squat for long periods of time. A passion for holistic farming, sustainability, and community a must. No housing is available. Pay is based on availability and it includes a free CSA share. Contact: Kelsey Fitzgerald, 507-304-5371, e-mail. (Added 12/23/19)

Farmland for Rent: West-Central Wisconsin

Cynthia Lane has for rent 2 to 5 acres of farmland in west-central Wisconsin (near Pepin). The land consists of 2 tillable acres and 2 pasture acres and it has not been sprayed for several years. Forty forest acres adjoins it and it is on a dead end road. Storage space in a pole barn is available and there is well water. Rooms are available for rent in a restored farmhouse. Contact: Cynthia Lane, 715-442-2399, e-mail. (Added 12/23/10)

Seeking Farmer: Southwestern Wisconsin

Kelly Strauser is seeking a farmer for an operation in southwestern Wisconsin's Monroe County (near Kendall). The 40-acre farm consists of organic grass/pasture based livestock, including broiler chickens, laying chickens, Sweetgrass turkeys, geese, rabbits, Icelandic sheep and pigs (there is the ability to add livestock suitable to the farm's infrastructure). The farmer would run the daily operations of the farm and Strauser would provide inputs: livestock, infrastructure, feed, and forage. Profits would be split and the farmer could also run their own livestock and/or produce operations. Strauser will consider single people, couples, and families (shared housing; cat-friendly, no dogs). LGBTQ-friendly. Contact: Kelly Strauser, 608-463-7230, e-mail. (Added 12/18/19)

Seeking Farmer: Northern Minnesota

Paul Conklin is seeking a farmer to join his operation in northern Minnesota's Beltrami County (near Solway). Conklin's operation is a CSA farm that raises market vegetables following USDA organic rules (not certified). He also raises grass-fed Highland beef cattle (25-head herd), eggs, and honey. There are 160 acres, including 4 acres of gardens, two high tunnels, 70 acres of pasture, woods, and wetland habitat. The land has not been sprayed. Conklin is looking for a farming partner for the summer with an eye to a long-term partnership or a transition into taking over the farm. There is adjacent property with an older manufactured home for summer housing or possible building site. Pay would include a percentage of farm income, to be negotiated. Contact: Paul Conklin, 218-467-3584, e-mail. (Added 12/18/19)

Organic Farmland for Sale: Twin Cities Region

Sam Kedem has for sale 28 acres of certified organic farmland in Dakota County near Minnesota's Twin Cities. There are 12 tillable acres. There are greenhouses, a shop, a barn, parking space, chicken coop, driveway, and billboard. Contact: Sam Kedem, 651-437-7516, e-mail. (Added 12/9/19)

Farmland for Sale: Northern Illinois

Nina Langoussis has for sale 113 acres of farmland in northern Illinois's Winnebago County (near Rockton). There are 33 acres of mixed pastures and hayfields, fenced and managed for rotational grazing. There are 80 acres of restored native prarie and oak savanna permanently protected under an ag conservation easement. The prairie is currently enrolled in CRP, and it can be managed in future with prescribed burns, if needed. There is a two-story barn, smaller connecting shed with box stalls, a pen, and a loafing area. There is also a chicken house, corn crib/woodshed, goat barn, Quoneset hut/machine shed. There is a five-bedroom house. Langoussis is open to various options, including rental, a partnership arrangement, or a conservation buyer arrangement. Contact: Nina Langoussis, 815-629-2779, e-mail; text or e-mail before calling, don't leave a voicemail. (Added 12/9/19)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Nebraska

Elizabeth Allen is seeking to purchase 100-1,000 acres of tillable farmland in Nebraska; a house is required. Contact: Elizabeth Allen, 906-630-3403, e-mail. (Added 12/9/19)

Seeking Farmer: Northern Illinois

Nina Langoussis is seeking a farmer to join her operation in northern Illinois's Winnebago County. The 113-acre farm is managing and restoring oak savanna habitat, native prairie, mixed pastures, and hayfields with the help of Nubian dairy goats and other foraging animals (pasture-based chickens and cattle would work on this farm). The farm has not been sprayed and it is eligible for organic and humane certifications. The farm would be good for producing meat or cheese on grass. The farm partner could bring their own animals, or ideas for a value-added partnership and transition of what enterprises that are already present. The partner must have some farming experience, skills, or equity to contribute to the farm; Langoussis would prefer a Farm Beginnings graduate. Housing is available and cash rent or shares of value-added products could be arranged. Contact: Nina Langoussis, 815-629-2779, e-mail. (Added 12/3/19)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Minnesota

Kody Heideman is seeking to purchase 640 acres of farmland in Minnesota. Land with 10 acres of pasture and 10 acres of forest is preferred. Land with a house and outbuildings such as a machine shed is preferred. Contact: Kody Heideman, 507-227-8909, e-mail. (Added 12/3/19)

Seeking Farmer: Northern Minnesota

Jack Judkins is seeking a farmer to join his vegetable operation in Beltrami County in northern Minnesota (near Bemidji). Judkins raises vegetables on 10 acres. There is a 26 x 96 high tunnel, along with irrigation and tillage equipment. Judkins has a value-added business that produces and sells pickled vegetables in the Bemidji area. The land has not been sprayed for several years. Judkins is seeking a farmer to partner with him and to eventually take over the operation. He is willing to build a small house to accommodate an individual/small family. The pay is negotiable. Contact: Jack Judkins, 219-333-3552, e-mail. (Added 12/1/19)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Wisconsin

Patrick Hager is seeking to purchase 20-40 acres of farmland in Wisconsin. Land with 10-20 tillable acres, 10-20 forest acres, along with pasture acres, is preferred. Land that has not been sprayed for several years is preferred. A well with high capacity and a septic system is preferred. More acres and outbuildings would be a bonus. No house is required. Contact: Patrick Hager, 920-422-1042, e-mail. (Added 11/22/19)

Seeking Farmer: Southwestern Wisconsin

Karen Hermsen is seeking a farmer to join her operation in southwestern Wisconsin's Vernon County (near La Farge). Hermsen recently retired from raising grass-fed beef, and would like to find someone to start their own enterprise on her land. The land consists of 70 acres and it has never been sprayed. Fencing is in place and there are year-round springs and a creek. There is a separate two-bedroom, one-bathroom house available. Hermsen is open to options related to rental, share, purchase, barter, or partnership to the right person, couple, or family. She would prefer a farmer with some experience in small-scale diversified farming or permaculture (beef, sheep, goats, poultry, vegetables, flowers, orchard, woodcrafts, etc.). Tractor, chainsaw, and mechanical skills would be helpful; no smoking. References required. Contact: Karen Hermsen, e-mail. (Added 11/22/19)

Seeking Farmland: Minnesota

Nathan Wrolson is seeking to rent tillable farmland in Minnesota; no house is required. Contact: Nathan Wrolson, 320-424-2764, e-mail. (Added 11/22/19)

Seeking Farmland to Rent: Nebraska

Derek Billeter is seeking to rent tillable farmland in Nebraska; no house is required. Contact: Derek Billeter, 308-991-6615, e-mail. (Added 11/22/19)

Seeking Farmland to Buy: Wisconsin, Minnesota

Dusty Hinz is seeking to purchase 100 acres of farmland in Minnesota or Wisconsin. Land with 20-40 acres pasture, 20-40 acres tillable, and 10-25 acres forest is preferred. If it was conventionally farmed, that's not a deal breaker, but Hinz would prefer organic/chemical-free land. Hinz would eventually like to raise sheep, nut trees, and vegetable seeds. No house is required. Contact: Dusty Hinz, 612-834-7502, e-mail. (Added 11/18/19)

Seeking Farmland to Rent: Central Minnesota

Barry Schlecht is seeking to rent up to 1,000 acres of tillable farmland in central Minnesota (Meeker, Wright, McLeod, or Stearns County). No house is required. Contact: Barry Schlecht, 360-518-6168, e-mail. (Added 11/18/19)

Farmland for Sale: Southwestern Minnesota

Judy and Steve Harder have for sale 20 acres of farmland in southwestern Minnesota's Cottonwood County (near Mountain Lake). Fifteen acres are tillable, and it has not been sprayed for 10 years. There are established asparagus, rhubarb, raspberry, gooseberry, currant, aronia berry, and hazelnut beds. Grazing of farm animals is permitted. Outbuildings include a farm market, restaurant, greenhouse, barn, two sheds, and two high tunnels. There is an in-ground watering system fed from two cisterns. A house is available. Contact: Judy or Steve Harder, 507-360-3293, e-mail. (Added 11/16/19)

Farmland for Sale: Northeastern Wisconsin

Karen Clindaniel has for sale 40 acres of farmland in northeastern Wisconsin's Door County. The land consists of 26 tillable acres, forest, and a house. It was previously certified organic, and it has been managed organically for 18 years. There are established asparagus beds and approximately 30 fruit trees (apple, pear, cherry, and plum). There is access to six Door County farmers' markets and multiple restaurants. There is high-speed Internet and the house has been newly remodeled. More information is here. Contact: Karen Clindaniel, e-mail. (Added 11/7/19)

Seeking Farmland to Rent: Minn., Wis., S. Dak., Iowa, Ill.

Samantha Hayden is seeking to rent farmland in Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Iowa or Illinois. Land with pasture is preferred. Contact: Samantha Hayden, 651-398-7115, e-mail. (Added 11/3/19)

Seeking Farmland to Rent: Minnesota

Bradley Peterson is seeking to rent 600 acres of tillable farmland in Minnesota. No house is required. He is willing to pay $200 to $300 per acre. Contact: Bradley Peterson, 507-626-4240, e-mail. (Added 11/3/19)

Seeking Farmland to Rent: Illinois

Randall Rote is seeking to rent 20-40 tillable acres of farmland in Illinois. Contact: Randall Rote, 563-249-3176, e-mail. (Added 11/1/19)