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LSP Land Line: Prevented Plant, Dicamba, COVID-19, Food Assistance, Meat Processing, Reconnecting Black Farmers & Land

Oct. 30: An LSP Round-up of News Covering Land, People & Communities Prevented Plant at Historic Highs Again in 2020 (10/26/20) Over 10 million acres of U.S. crop ground was not planted this year as a result of extreme weather conditions, reports Agricultural Economic Insights. This growing season marks the second-highest “prevented plant” level in…  Read More

LSP Land Line: MnDOT & Spraying, Frac Sand, Rural COVID-19, Climate-Smart Ag

Oct. 9: An LSP Round-up of News Covering Land, People & Communities Minnesota Department of Transportation rethinks no-spray ditch program after yanking signs (10/9/20) The Minnesota Department of Transportation is reevaluating its decision to pull “Do Not Spray” signs without warning in southeastern Minnesota, according to the Star Tribune. Farmers, including LSP members, had complained…  Read More

The ‘Big Reveal’

The Coronavirus Pandemic Unmasks a Brutal, Multinational Food & Farming System that’s as Unsustainable as the Economic Model that Created it As the coronavirus disrupts “normal” life in America and worldwide—and we ride the rapids of shifting strategy and messaging from the White House, its cabinet, and Congressional leaders — the pandemic also shines light…  Read More

Public-Private Prairie Partnership

A BioBlitz Highlights the Role Livestock Farmers Can Play in Habitat Improvement It’s the kind of overcast day in June that leaves one wondering if the sun decided to take an extended summer holiday. But as heavy thunderstorms threaten this part of Big Stone County in western Minnesota, some 130-people break up into teams and…  Read More

Farm Beginnings Profile: A Land-Based Launching Pad

Four Winds Farm Serves as a Staging Ground for New Agrarians

On a warm day in early October, the owner-operators of Clover Bee Farm are preparing a delivery for the 43 shareholders that make up their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) vegetable operation. Standing in a hoop house, Andrew Hanson-Pierre cleans dozens of fat onions, while across the farmyard in a barn that’s been converted to a…  Read More

LSP’s Local Foods Listening Campaign Begins

“We need to change this idea that food is a product or commodity,” said Land Stewardship Project member, farmer and leader, Josh Reinitz. “Food is not a product—it is our energy, our medicine, and is made by and for real people. Not consumers.” On Oct. 7, LSP members like Josh came together from across the…  Read More

Protozoa, Pastures & Profits

Innovative Farming Requires an Innovative Approach to Soil Health It’s a bright June day in southeastern Minnesota, and the hilly landscape is in full summer bloom. But as Chuck Henry watches his dairy herd graze a mix of winter wheat and Sudan grass, he has numbers on his mind: 33,000 bites per day, per cow;…  Read More

Now You Can Put Numbers to the Costs of Erosion

Two years ago, the Land Stewardship Project released the Cropping Systems Calculator (CSC), a “what-if” tool to examine the costs and returns of two crop rotations. This tool includes scenarios that involve row crops and grazing, and provides important information for farmers as they consider integrating soil building practices into their rotations. The original Calculator…  Read More

Attend your Caucus to Move LSP’s Vision & Values Forward

Have you been to your local precinct caucus? Maybe you always go, or you help lead your local caucus. Or maybe you have never been to caucuses before and don’t know what to expect. Whether this is your first time or you’ve been going for years, we’re encouraging all Land Stewardship Project members to go…  Read More