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Farm Transitions: That Farm on Highway 40

A Pioneering Organic Operation, a Trial Run, & the Next Generation Black, ominous clouds were approaching fast, and Luke Peterson was in a bit of a panic as he stood next to his tractor parked in an 80-acre soybean field, scanning the sky. Hooked up to that tractor was a rotary hoe, and before this…  Read More

Tell Your State Senator to Stop the Healthcare Heist

UPDATE (5/2/19): So far, the Senate has decided to punt on this issue by extending the current moratorium on HMO conversions from July 2019 to July 2023, instead of passing strong protections for our public money this year. During debate on the Senate floor, Senator Michelle Benson referred to Senator John Marty’s provision to protect…  Read More

Call Your Legislators & Tell Them to Stop the Sunset of the Provider Tax

In our democracy, it is up to us to make sure that our elected officials act in the best interests of our communities and the land and that our government wisely uses public resources to meet public needs. For decades, stable funding for public healthcare programs and public health initiatives in Minnesota has come from…  Read More

MN Legislature & Healthcare: MinnesotaCare Saved, But Insurance Companies Valued Before People

The 2017 Minnesota state legislative session is complete, including a four-day special session that was needed for the Legislature to finish passing a budget. Land Stewardship Project members and staff were active throughout the session fighting for healthcare policies that put people before corporate profits. On a positive note for healthcare, the Legislature provided short-term…  Read More

Join LSP at Minnesota Water Action Day in St. Paul on April 19

Stand with hundreds of Minnesotans from around the state in protecting our water from corporate polluters. Join one of the six bus routes coming in from rural Minnesota. The Land Stewardship Project is co-sponsoring the 2017 Minnesota Water Action Day on Wednesday, April 19, in Saint Paul. We encourage our members to participate in this…  Read More

A Farm Makes Changes to Benefit Soil, Profit & Quality of Life

Dry Creek Farms has been farming certified organic crops since 2001 and presently consists of me and my wife Terri, along with our son Jared, who recently returned to the farm after attending college. We have registered Red Angus cattle and recently Jared has added Polled Herefords as well. The cattle are raised on an…  Read More

Healthcare Alert: Major Glitch in Termination Notices Sent to MNCare Enrollees

The Star Tribune reported last week on the problems MNsure is having with the re-enrollment process for thousands of people on Medical Assistance and MinnesotaCare. More specifically, a number of the Land Stewardship Project’s farmer-members received health plan disenrollment notices and healthcare closing notices despite turning in enrollment paperwork on time. These notices were received…  Read More