Ear to the Ground 297: Web of Willing Workers

Scientist Elaine Ingham believes minding the microbes makes farmers the masters of their own destiny. More Information • Microbiologist Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web page • LSP’s Soil Microbiology web page • Ear to the Ground No. 292: Interview with David Johnson & Hui-Chun Su Johnson about the Johnson-Su Bioreactor system You can find LSP…  Read More

Jeepers Cats That’s Some Healthy Soil!

Turning a Massive Problem into Soil Fertility & Economic Value

I recently witnessed the return of life to Jordan and Rachelle Meyers’ fields, which are transitioning from giant ragweed and thistles into soil-building plants such as chicory, red clover, and wild bergamot. During the past few years, the family, which farms in southeastern Minnesota’s Houston County, has used hard work and attention to the soil…  Read More

Ear to the Ground No. 255: Embracing the Weed

What happened when beginning farmers Rachelle and Jordan Meyer started listening to the land and turned livestock loose on a “bacterial farm.” • Check out this LSP video on how Rachelle and Jordan Meyer are using “cell grazing” to build soil and produce livestock. • More information on Wholesome Family Farms is here. • For…  Read More