adaptive grazing

Ear to the Ground 276: Why Regenerative Ag?

Allen Williams believes that farming in nature’s image isn’t just a nice idea, it’s an agricultural/ecological imperative (1 of 4 parts in a series). More Information: • LSP’s Soil Health Web Page • Understanding Ag & Allen Williams • Allen Williams will be presenting in southeastern Minnesota Aug. 17-18, 2022; see LSP’s calendar for details

POSTPONED: Public Presentation on Soil Health & Screening of ‘Livestock on the Land’ Documentary Feb. 24 in NE Iowa

Allen Williams Presentation at Ridgeway Community Center, Documentary Screening to Follow at Luther College 

POSTPONEMENT NOTE: Due to extreme weather halting travel for our presenter, Allen Williams, we must postpone the Feb. 24 event in Ridgeway, Iowa. If you’ve already registered, your ticket purchase for the postponed event will be reimbursed. In the meantime, we will provide this vital and timely information through a podcast interview LSP’s Brian DeVore…  Read More