Action Alerts

Welcome to the Land Stewardship Project Action Alerts page. The Land Stewardship Project periodically sends out Action Alerts that describe how citizens can make their voices heard on critical issues related to family farming, the environment and our rural communities.

Support Small Meat Processor Training Grants in MN

Contact Your Legislators Today

Over the past two years, we have witnessed firsthand just how fragile our meat processing sector is. The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the vulnerability of global, concentrated supply chains, and we have seen farmers euthanize animals while others are forced to book processing dates even before animals are born. What has become clear is that we…  Read More

Pass Drought Relief NOW

Minnesota House Ag Committee Passes Package; Senate Ag Committee Next

As you know, this past summer’s drought created one of the most difficult growing seasons that Minnesota has seen in decades. Farmers had to make incredibly hard decisions: ending CSA deliveries early or entirely, selling or processing livestock early to save costs, paying to dig deeper wells or new ones entirely, and investing in new…  Read More

Invest in a Resilient, Regenerative Farm & Food System this Legislative Session

Jan. 31 is the First Day of the 2022 Minnesota Legislative Session

Monday, Jan. 31, is the first day of the 2022 Minnesota legislative session — and we have an incredible opportunity to win millions of dollars for soil health, local processing, local markets, emerging farmers, and more. In the past two weeks, Governor Tim Walz and the Minnesota House Climate Climate Action Caucus have put together exciting…  Read More

Tell Lawmakers We Need a MN Climate Budget for People & the Land

Proposal Would Support Soil Health Practices on Farms

A $1 billion proposal released by the Minnesota House Climate Action Caucus in January represents a meaningful investment in the health of our farms, soil, water, climate, and rural communities. The $1 billion proposal includes key priorities of LSP’s Soil Health and Climate Steering Committee, such as: $20 million for the Soil Health Cost-Share Program that…  Read More

Demonstrate the Demand for the Soil Healthy Cost-Share Program

Add Your Name to the List Today

During the 2021 Minnesota legislative session, Land Stewardship Project farmer-members wrote and championed a comprehensive soil health bill that led to the establishment of a Soil Health Cost-Share Program. Through this program, $1.3 million will be available through the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR). The program will provide payments to farmers for implementing soil-healthy…  Read More

Tell Congress: We Need Rural Climate Leaders Now!

For over a year, Land Stewardship Project members have been advocating for the Agriculture Resilience Act (H.R.2803/ S.1337), a piece of federal legislation that invests in building a more climate-resilient farm and food system from the ground up. Our members have lobbied members of Congress during farm tours and in virtual meetings to advance this…  Read More

100% Soil-Healthy Farming Bill Introduction & Hearing!

Exciting news! The Land Stewardship Project’s comprehensive soil health bill was introduced in the Minnesota House last week by Rep. Todd Lippert (DFL-Northfield), with a growing list of co-authors from across the state. The Senate bill is coming soon, and we need your help. Over 2,000 LSP members and supporters came together last summer and…  Read More

Act Now: Day One Demands for USDA Leaders

On the campaign trail, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris communicated clear priorities to address the needs of agriculture and rural communities, including: strengthening regional food systems and anti-trust enforcement, expanding conservation programs with a focus on soil health and carbon sequestration, increasing microloans for beginning farmers, and advancing racial justice and accountability…  Read More

Sign the Petition Incentivizing 100% Soil Healthy Farming

Farmers are on the front lines of the climate crisis — battling extreme weather and changing seasons while also building soil health to sequester carbon and manage water. In developing the Land Stewardship Project’s Soil Health and Climate Campaign, our members were clear: now is the time for landscape-scale transformation. That’s why we’ve crafted a…  Read More

Protect Minnesota Voices During the 2021 Legislative Session

The government of Minnesota belongs to the people of Minnesota — not outside corporate interests who want to write special laws for themselves at the expense of our communities and democracy. During the last three legislative sessions, the Land Stewardship Project and our allies in the Protect MN Voices Coalition successfully stopped efforts by outside…  Read More