Action Alerts

Welcome to the Land Stewardship Project Action Alerts page. The Land Stewardship Project periodically sends out Action Alerts that describe how citizens can make their voices heard on critical issues related to family farming, the environment and our rural communities.

MN EQB Poised to Allow Frac Sand Mining Proposal in SE MN to Move Forward without EIS

Urgent action is needed to protect southeastern Minnesota from the harmful impacts of the major frac sand mining, processing, and transportation operation proposed by the company Minnesota Sands, LLC. In March 2013, thanks to organizing and pressure from the people of southeastern Minnesota, the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB) enforced the requirement of an Environmental…  Read More

Demand Justice at the MN Legislature During the Special Session

Part of the Land Stewardship Project’s mission is to develop healthy communities for everyone, no exceptions. Racist violence is a clear violation of our strongly held belief that every person has value that cannot be earned or taken away. At the core of LSP’s work is our drive to create a society based on sustainability.…  Read More

Your Action Needed Today: Partway There on Pausing Farm Foreclosures

Thanks to the hard work of the Land Stewardship Project’s members and supporters who have lobbied their legislators by phone and sent e-mails from across the state, the Minnesota Legislature has taken an important first step to protect small to medium-size farms. Farm foreclosures and mediation deadlines are on pause for 60 days. However, 60…  Read More

Farm Crisis Exacerbated by Covid-19: Urgent Action Needed

As people across Minnesota and around the world face a global health pandemic, the reality of the farm crisis grows starker and more urgent. Small- to mid-sized farmers who strengthen our rural economies and act as stewards of the land and water face greater uncertainty in the production and distribution of the food we depend…  Read More

Our Farm Crisis Fight Back Needs Your Help

Today, more than ever, we need to fight back against the farm crisis and support healthy rural communities, people, farmers, and families. Our fight back is rolling forward by getting our demanded solutions heard in the Minnesota Legislature. But right now with the outbreak of COVID-19, we’re entering uncharted territory and we need your help…  Read More

IMPENDING VOTE: Contact Elected Officials to Protect Free Speech

The government of Minnesota belongs to the people of Minnesota — not to outside corporate interests who write special laws for themselves that threaten our democracy. Land Stewardship Project members know why free speech is so important. Since the 1980s, members across the state have been leveraging our collective power to fight against farm foreclosures,…  Read More

Hands-Off Free Speech this MN Legislative Session

The government of Minnesota belongs to the people of Minnesota — not outside corporate interests who want to write special laws for themselves at the expense of our communities and democracy. During the last two legislative sessions, the Land Stewardship Project and our allies successfully stopped efforts by outside corporate interests to weaken our free…  Read More

Sign LSP’s Farm Crisis Petition

Pulling Together. Moving Forward. Stand with LSP on the Farm Crisis. The pain of this crisis is not being felt by agribusiness and corporate interests that continue to make profits at the expense of farmers and rural communities. The fact is that there is money in agriculture, but farmers are not getting a fair share…  Read More