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Ear to the Ground 335: Bumping Elbows

From raising produce and working in a restaurant to teaching food safety and managing a farmers’ market, Sara George has experienced “farm-to-fork” from just about every angle possible. This has given her invaluable insights into the barriers, and opportunities, involved with connecting farmers and institutional buyers. More Information • LSP’s Community-Based Food Systems Web Page…  Read More

Ear to the Ground 332: Real Food, Real Impact

Beverly Dougherty’s Real Food Hub is out to prove that connecting local farmers and local eaters makes sense nutritionally and financially — and is just plain fun. More Information • Read Food Hub • Minnesota Farmers’ Market Hubs • LSP’s Community-Based Food Systems Web Page • Ear to the Ground 322: Lunchroom Stewardship • MDA Farm-to-School &…  Read More

Ear to the Ground 331: Reality Check

Direct-marketing expert and farmer Ryan Pesch sees a lot of potential in the community/local food movement, but farmers hoping to enter that realm need to ask some key questions first. More Information • Ryan Pesch Contact Information • LSP’s Community-Based Food Systems Web Page • LSP’ Farm Beginnings Web Page • Ear to the Ground 322:…  Read More

Farmers Invited to Explore New Markets & Farm-to-School Opportunities March 14 in Montevideo

MONTEVIDEO, Minn. — As farmers gear up for the growing season, the Land Stewardship Project (LSP) invites them to attend the 2nd Annual Regional Food Forum, which will focus on farm-to-school initiatives and expanding local food markets. The event will be Thursday, March 14, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., at the Montevideo Community Center, 550…  Read More

Ear to the Ground 329: Weather Whiplash

Climate change may impact a vegetable producer and a livestock farmer in different ways, but the result is the same: uncertainty, stress…and a deeper desire to connect with community. More Information • Ear to the Ground 299: Road to Resilience • LSP’s Soil Health page • Prairie Drifter Farm • Early Boots Farm You can find LSP Ear…  Read More

2023 Minnesota Legislative Session Update — 4 Weeks Left!

Many LSP Priorities Are Still in Play

During this session of the Minnesota Legislature, Land Stewardship Project members have been making their voices heard loud and clear. Dozens of farmers and rural LSP members have testified in committee hearings, hundreds have come to the Capitol to meet with their elected officials, and thousands have taken action by signing a petition, contacting their…  Read More

Ear to the Ground 304: Policy for the People

Perhaps no single piece of legislation has a more profound impact on what our landscape and rural communities look like. That’s why LSP’s members are working hard to influence the 2023 Farm Bill (1st of 2 parts). More Information • Ear to the Ground 305: Farm Bill as a Public Good (2nd installment in this…  Read More

PETITION: Aim High for Farmers & Our Future at the MN Legislature

With a $17.6 Billion Surplus, MN has Unique Opportunity to Deliver for People & the Land

With a historic $17.6 billion surplus, our Minnesota Legislature has a unique opportunity and responsibility to deliver for people and the land. In March, the Speaker of the Minnesota House and the Majority Leader of the Minnesota Senate will assign each legislative committee in their respective legislative body an amount to spend on their budget.…  Read More

Our Minnesota Food & Farm Campaign Platform

LSP's Priorities for the 2023 MN Legislature

This summer and fall, Land Stewardship Project members have been hard at work preparing for the 2023 Minnesota state legislative session, which begins on Tuesday, January 3. Hundreds of LSP members, supporters, and allies across the state have engaged in workshops, surveys, and one-to-one visits to lay out what they’re excited for our organization to…  Read More

In the Middle of Somewhere

Carrie Calvo's Long Journey to the Heart of Farming & Local Food

Owl Bluff Farm is tucked away in one of those Driftless Area coulees where cellular signals go to die. In fact, when contractors were constructing a building there recently, they sometimes climbed half-way up an abandoned silo on the farm to use their phones. It has a sense of being an isolated, if beautiful, little…  Read More