Farm Beginnings

Farm Beginnings Profile: Kristianna Gehant & Nick Siddens

A Little Horse Sense

When a new food and farming model is introduced to a region, it can be slow to catch on—if at all. On the other hand, sometimes a new concept takes off like a galloping horse, challenging its practitioners to hang on for the ride. One Saturday last October, Kristianna Gehant and Nick Siddens were on…  Read More

Farm Beginnings: When Farming Doesn’t go as Planned

When it comes to farming, oftentimes things don’t work out as planned—and sometimes that’s a good thing. Take for example Greg and Nancy Rasmussen, who on a recent fall afternoon are checking on some newly arrived chicks gathered under heat lamps in their barn. When the Rasmussens enrolled in the Land Stewardship Project’s Farm Beginnings course…  Read More

Farm Beginnings Profile: Alison & Jim Deutsch

On the home farm…at last

It’s early July—a time on one Wisconsin farm when there’s a brief reprieve between the spring rush of putting in crops and the mid-summer hurly-burly of making sure the land and animals are as productive as possible by fall. What better time to take a breather and assess where you’ve been, and where you’re going.…  Read More

Farm Beginnings Profile: Brad & Shelley Schrandt

Riding the Storm Out

A few years ago, Brad and Shelley Schrandt faced a dilemma: should they keep their dairy herd at around 20 cows for a few more years while working off the farm, or should they expand enough to justify quitting those town jobs? They went for the expansion in an attempt to simplify their life. Shelley,…  Read More

Farm Beginnings Profile: Josh & Sally Reinitz

In the Land of Green Giants

When you grow up on a farm in the shadow of the Jolly Green Giant, you can’t help but think that size matters when it comes to success in agriculture. Josh Reinitz’s family’s land sits between Minneapolis and Mankato, just a few miles from where a wooden likeness of the Green One and his apprentice…  Read More

Farm Beginnings Profile: Carol Ford & Chuck Waibel

The Door into Summer

On a January evening in western Minnesota, Carol Ford braves 20-degree temperatures and a wind that’s packing snow as she walks the few yards from her house to the garage. Once inside, she approaches a door with a colorful, hand-painted sign above it that reads: “The Door into Summer.” She opens the door and, sure…  Read More

Qhoos kaas cob qha cov neeg pib ua laj ua teb tej xwm txheej: Carol Ford & Chuck Waibel

Lub qhov tsooj moog rua thaum caij ntuj Suv

Thaum lub ib hlis yav tsaus ntuj nyob rau to yav hnub poob, Menixuta. Lub sijhawm ntawv nws txias txog 20 des nqes thaib cua mas ntsawj nrog te xwb los Carol Ford tseem muaj peev xwm taug ob peb kauj ruam ntawm nws tsev mus rau tom nws lub nkab las. Thaum nyob hauv…  Read More

Comienzos granja Perfil: Carol Ford y Chuck Waibel

La Puerta en el Verano

En una tarde de Enero en Minnesota occidental, Carol Ford afronta 20- grados de temperatura y vientos que empacan nieve cuando ella camina las pocas yardas de su casa al garaje. Una vez que adentro, ella se acerca a una puerta con un pintado de una mano pintada y que encima dice. “La Puerta en…  Read More