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The Fifth R

A 'Generational Urban Farmer' Looks to Build Community Resilience

On a warm, overcast day in early fall, a low line of shrubby trees blocks the view of a seemingly empty lot on Penn Avenue, a busy thoroughfare in the Willard-Hay Neighborhood of North Minneapolis. A television with a cracked screen lays in some weeds at the edge of the lot, a reminder that if…  Read More

Ear to the Ground 335: Bumping Elbows

From raising produce and working in a restaurant to teaching food safety and managing a farmers’ market, Sara George has experienced “farm-to-fork” from just about every angle possible. This has given her invaluable insights into the barriers, and opportunities, involved with connecting farmers and institutional buyers. More Information • LSP’s Community-Based Food Systems Web Page…  Read More

Ear to the Ground 321: Buried Knowledge

A town lost to erosion offers a critical lesson as Sandy and Lonny Dietz strive to develop a viable no-till organic vegetable production system. More Information • Whitewater Gardens Farm • Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education (SARE) • LSP’s Soil Health Web Page • LSP’s 2023 Field Day Special Report: “A Long, Hot Summer” • Ear…  Read More

In the Middle of Somewhere

Carrie Calvo's Long Journey to the Heart of Farming & Local Food

Owl Bluff Farm is tucked away in one of those Driftless Area coulees where cellular signals go to die. In fact, when contractors were constructing a building there recently, they sometimes climbed half-way up an abandoned silo on the farm to use their phones. It has a sense of being an isolated, if beautiful, little…  Read More

Ear to the Ground 293: Middle of Somewhere

Carrie Calvo’s 7,000-mile journey to the heart of farming and local food. More Information • LSP’s Farm Beginnings Course • Farm Beginnings in other Regions: the Farm Beginnings Collaborative • Land Stewardship Letter article on Owl Bluff Farm • Fresh Voices: the Ear to the Ground podcast series on beginning farmers You can find LSP Ear…  Read More

Farm Beginnings Profile: Andy Cotter & Irene Genelin

Wheeling into the Future

It’s not every day that you see the words “unicyclists” and “farming” used in the same sentence, but here we go: national and world champion unicyclists Andy Cotter and Irene Genelin launched a farming operation a half-a-dozen years ago. Now, this is the part of the story that cries out for a familiar trope like…  Read More

Farm Beginnings Profile: The Incubator Acre

A to Z's Mini-Plot is a Vital Link in the Beginning Farmer Chain

When Lauren Barry pulls a weed or harvests a tomato this summer, she’s doing so on a one-acre plot of land steeped in history. Not the ancient, dusty kind that may or may not have relevance to the current situation, but history rooted in recent growing seasons, when other beginning farmers faced the same meteorological,…  Read More

Farm Beginnings Profile: Jason & Juli Montgomery-Riess

Pacing the Path to Success

Sometimes, there’s nothing like a speed bump to send you on your way toward that ultimate goal. In the case of Jason and Juli Montgomery-Riess, that slight detour was in the form of the Land Stewardship Project’s Farm Beginnings course. Before taking the class, both had worked on some of the top produce operations in…  Read More

Qhoos kaas cob qha cov neeg pib ua laj ua teb tej xwm txheej: Carol Ford & Chuck Waibel

Lub qhov tsooj moog rua thaum caij ntuj Suv

Thaum lub ib hlis yav tsaus ntuj nyob rau to yav hnub poob, Menixuta. Lub sijhawm ntawv nws txias txog 20 des nqes thaib cua mas ntsawj nrog te xwb los Carol Ford tseem muaj peev xwm taug ob peb kauj ruam ntawm nws tsev mus rau tom nws lub nkab las. Thaum nyob hauv…  Read More

Comienzos granja Perfil: Carol Ford y Chuck Waibel

La Puerta en el Verano

En una tarde de Enero en Minnesota occidental, Carol Ford afronta 20- grados de temperatura y vientos que empacan nieve cuando ella camina las pocas yardas de su casa al garaje. Una vez que adentro, ella se acerca a una puerta con un pintado de una mano pintada y que encima dice. “La Puerta en…  Read More