Farm Transitions: A Transition Power Team

A Farm Transfers Ownership & a Farmer Transfers into a New Role What’s that stuff in soil that’s supposed to provide humans a sense of wellbeing? You know, like a protozoa-based version of Prozac? Emmalyn Kayser is trying to come up with the name on a recent March afternoon as she and Chris Burkhouse squat…  Read More

LSP Land Line: Organic Acreage Up, Local Meat Production, Price Fixing

Sept. 30: An LSP Round-up of News Covering Land, People & Communities Mercaris: Organic Production Continues to Grow (9/28/20) The U.S. harvested organic field crop area will exceed 3.4 million acres over the 2020-2021 marketing year, which is an increase of 4% over the previous marketing year, according to the market data service Mercaris. The…  Read More

LSP Land Line: MnDOT & Spraying, Massive Meat Exports, Farm Income, COVID & Farm Workers

Sept. 28: An LSP Round-up of News Covering Land, People & Communities MNDOT abruptly ends 25-year program with organic farmers (9/25/20) Noah Fish reports in the Grand Forks Herald on how organic farmers and the Land Stewardship Project are upset with the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s decision to abruptly end a 25-year agreement that kept…  Read More

LSP Land Line: Big Ag Gravy Train, Habitat Loss, Soil Health, Dairy Crisis, Nitrogen, Kernza

Sept. 25: An LSP Round-up of News Covering Land, People & Communities Very large farms collect one-fifth of USDA’s coronavirus payments (9/23/20) Chuck Abbott reports on that the government’s COVID-19 payments to agriculture have been a gravy train for mega-operations. According to an analysis done by the Environmental Working Group, the largest 1% of…  Read More

Big Meat’s Big Lie

On April 27, meat giant Tyson Foods took out a full-page advertisement in major newspapers that carried an alarming message. “The food supply is breaking,” it said. The ad went on: “We have a responsibility to feed our country…Our plants must remain operational so that we can supply food to our families in America.” Tyson…  Read More

LSP’s Farm Beginnings Deadline is Sept. 15

The deadline to apply for the Land Stewardship Project’s 2020-2021 Farm Beginnings class is Tuesday, Sept. 15! This year-long training program focuses on the goal setting, marketing, and financial skills needed to establish a successful farm business. Classes will take place in an online setting November through March, with on-farm educational events to follow later…  Read More

Agriculture, Insects, Ecology & Economics

An Entomologist Sees Farms as Part of the Solution to Biodiversity Loss It’s called the “windshield effect” — a harsh but effective way to gauge insect populations. The more dead bugs smashed on the front end of your F-150, the more live ones buzzing around in surrounding fields. Scientists, and anyone who drives for that…  Read More

Farm Transitions: That Farm on Highway 40

A Pioneering Organic Operation, a Trial Run, & the Next Generation Black, ominous clouds were approaching fast, and Luke Peterson was in a bit of a panic as he stood next to his tractor parked in an 80-acre soybean field, scanning the sky. Hooked up to that tractor was a rotary hoe, and before this…  Read More

Time to Level the Farming Playing Fields for BIPOC

Systemic racism is ingrained in all of our institutions, including our farm and food system. Achieving structural change and justice begins with standing together, walking alongside each other, and lifting up voices that need to be heard to express outrage and to demand a new status quo. In honor of “Juneteenth,” the annual holiday commemorating…  Read More

Channeling Water’s Power Profitably

Farmers Battle Saturated Soils with More Roots in the Ground To Tom Cotter, the various natural resources his farming operation relies on don’t operate in a vacuum. Rather, they have a relational quality — the role one resource plays in keeping his business viable depends on how it interacts with other resources. For example, rain…  Read More